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Reunion island
Reunion Travel Plan

Reunion: 10 days paradise adventure

In the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island blends French and Creole charm. Marvel at volcanic landscapes, lush forests, and pristine beaches. Trek the active Piton de la Fournaise volcano, navigate the Cirques' roads, or indulge in Saint-Denis' vibrant culture. With its natural beauty and Creole flavors, Reunion is a paradise rediscovered.





Trekking route 1
Piton des Neiges
Challenge level:



Trekking route 2
Grand Bénare
Challenge level:

Trekking route 3
Cap Noir
Challenge level:


Saint Pierre

Saint Joseph


Start your Reunion adventure in Saint Denis before heading to Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, a trendy seaside resort. Explore lively streets, shops, and the marina, then unwind at the beautiful Roches Noires beach. Enjoy local Creole flavors for dinner at any beachside restaurant for its seafood and traditional dishes.

Cilaos - Piton des Neiges

Embark on a challenging 14.3-km trek to Piton des Neiges, the Indian Ocean's highest peak at 3070 meters above sea level. Starting from Cilaos, this hike is definitely worth all the effort, rewarded by breathtaking panoramic views and experiencing the stunning natural landscape of Reunion Island. The trail takes around 8 h 36 min to complete but can be split over two days with an overnight stay at Gîte de la Caverne Dufour.

Grand Bénare via Piton Maïdo

A challenging 17.4-km circular trek. Drive directly to Maïdo to start this popular route, typically taking around 6 h 56 min. Frequented by backpackers and hikers, the best months to tackle this trail are April through December. If considering an overnight, camping is the sole option, so ensure an early start to return to the carpark before dusk.

Roche Verre Bouteille - Kiosque du Cap Noir

Starting from Parking de Cap Noir, this 3.1-km circular trail near La Possession, Saint-Paul, is known for its challenging yet accessible terrain, thanks to ropes and ladders. Marvel at the spectacular view of Cirque Mafate as you hike. Open year-round, it's a popular spot, but you can still find moments of solitude during quieter times.

Recover from trekking with a relaxing day in Saint-Leu, exploring Kelonia Turtle Observatory, taking a boat trip with Duocean to see dolphins and whales, or enjoy water activities like Kayak Transparent Reunion. Visit the House of Coco and relax at Plage de Saint-Leu, ending the coastal experience with a visit to Le Gouffre de l'Étang-Salé or Souffleur de Saint-Leu.

Alternatively, recover from trekking with a relaxing day in Cilaos, unwinding at Les Thermes de Cilaos, visiting the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges church, taking a short walk to La Roche Merveilleuse or La Chapelle.

Start in Saint Pierre, taking a breathtaking flight tour with Survol Réunion or other helicopter tour companies for an aerial view of the island.

Then relax on the Black Sand Beach and in the afternoon head to the stunning Cascade de Grand Galet waterfall.

Finish of the day drive to Saint-Philippe, stopping at Cap Mechant to admire the rugged beauty of the steep black cliffs as waves crash violently against them.

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