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Set-Jetting: Travel Inspired by the Silver Screen

In an era where content is king, the allure of visually stunning films and binge-worthy series is not just confined to our screens. The phenomenon of "Set-Jetting" – traveling to locations made iconic through cinema and television – has taken the travel world by storm. It's a trend that marries the magic of storytelling with the thrill of exploration, inviting travelers to step into the scenes of their favorite narratives.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

From Fiction to Reality: The Set-Jetter's Journey

Imagine wandering through the ancient streets of King's Landing from "," or sipping coffee outside the Parisian café featured in "Emily in Paris." These experiences transcend traditional sightseeing, offering a deeper, more immersive connection to both the story and the locale.

Why Set-Jetting is More Than Just a Trend

Set-Jetting isn't merely about visiting a location; it's about reliving moments that moved us, laughed with us, or even cried with us. It's a form of travel that celebrates the art of filmmaking and the stories that compel us to dream bigger. This trend also offers a unique opportunity to see familiar places through a new lens, often highlighting lesser-known areas that might not have been on a traveler's radar.

Embracing the Set-Jetting Phenomenon with Orienjo

At Orienjo, we understand the enchantment of Set-Jetting. That's why we've curated special travel itineraries that guide you through iconic film and TV locations:

  1. "The Crown" Royal Tour: Dive into the regal world of "The Crown" with visits to the United Kingdom's historic palaces and estates.

  2. "Lord of the Rings" Middle-Earth Exploration: Journey through New Zealand's breathtaking landscapes that brought Middle-Earth to life.

  3. "Eat Pray Love" Spiritual Quest: Embark on a soul-searching trip through Italy, India, and Bali, inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's transformative journey.

  4. "Outlander" Scottish Adventure: Traverse the Scottish Highlands' rugged beauty and historic castles, following in the footsteps of Claire and Jamie Fraser.

The Future of Set-Jetting Travel

As we continue to witness groundbreaking cinematography and storytelling, the Set-Jetting trend is poised to grow, offering new and exciting opportunities for travelers seeking to blend their love for stories with their passion for adventure.

Whether you're a film buff, a serial binge-watcher, or simply in search of a travel experience with a twist, Set-Jetting opens up a world where every destination has a story to tell. With Orienjo, let's turn these narratives into your next great adventure.


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