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Japan Comprehensive: A 15-Days Honshu Discovery

Journey through Japan, where ancient temples stand tall amidst urban skylines. Marvel at Mount Fuji's iconic silhouette, wander through Kyoto's historic alleys, and experience Tokyo's pulsating energy. From the serene cherry blossoms of spring to Osaka's vibrant street food culture, Japan seamlessly blends its rich heritage with cutting-edge innovation. Dive into this captivating land where tradition and modernity coalesce in perfect harmony.





Lake Kawaguchi




Explore Asakusa's Sensoji Temple, enjoy local snacks such as ningyo-yaki and melon bread, visit the anime-centric Akihabara, stroll through Ueno Park, and have dinner at Gonpachi Nishiazabu in Shibuya.

Feast on an array of Japanese dishes at the vibrant Tsukiji Outer Market, then discover cutting-edge architecture and entertainment in Odaiba.

Find peace at the tranquil Meiji Shrine, witness the organized chaos at Shibuya Crossing, then explore the surrounding shops and cafes.

Travel to Hakone to enjoy the serene beauty of Lake Ashi and stunning views of Mt. Fuji, visit the volcanic Owakudani Valley, take a ride on the Hakone Ropeway for panoramic views, and unwind in a traditional hot spring at Hakone Kowakien Yunessun or Hakone Yuryo.

Head to Fujikawaguchiko to enjoy the tranquil scenery of Lake Kawaguchi, stroll through Oishi Park for its stunning flora, visit the Chureito Pagoda for a picturesque view of Mount Fuji, and savor traditional houtou noodles at Houtou Fudou.

Travel to Matsumoto to visit the striking Matsumoto Castle, an iconic symbol of Japan's feudal history, and take a break to taste the local specialty, soba noodles at Kobayashi Soba.

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